Pressure from volunteers over Virgin Media cabling concerns has made Aldershot ‘tidier and safer’

July 17, 2017

Persistence has paid off for a band of Aldershot volunteers who have been campaigning for dangerous or unsightly cables to be cleared up.

The Aldershot Community in Action team has, over the last 18 months, kept Aldershot tidy by picking up litter, clearing paths and weeding streets in the town centre.

Team member Roger Barber said that, since January, he had been in touch with Virgin Media several times to report exposed phone, TV and internet cabling across the town.

Mr Barber said he had reported more than 20 examples of loose and unprotected cabling – which in one case had been wrapped around a drainpipe – as well as uncovered junction boxes and open cable cabinets.

Mr Barber, a retired telecommunications worker, claimed that Virgin Media had initially acted only on a handful of reports that represented a health and safety hazard.

However, after he pursued the matter, the company has secured the rest of the sites within the past fortnight.

“All of the issues have been rectified, making Virgin Media’s cabling neater and better protected,” he said. “It also makes Aldershot a tidier and safer town.”

A damaged and exposed telecoms cabinet in St Joseph's Road
A damaged and exposed telecoms cabinet in St Joseph’s Road
(Image: Aldershot Community in Action)

A Virgin Media spokesman said: “We would like to thank the Aldershot Community in Action Team for drawing our attention to these maintenance issues.

“We have now attended to the cabinets and boxes they highlighted, to tidy the cables and ensure they are now fully secure. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

A disconnected cable wrapped around a drainpipe in Grosvenor Road
A disconnected cable wrapped around a drainpipe in Grosvenor Road
(Image: Aldershot Community in Action)

Virgin Media has a hotline for reporting any issues or damage involving its cabling or cabinets. To make a report, call 0330 333 0444.

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